About Me

Hi! I'm Evan.

I'm fascinated by the fundamental building blocks of our world and how they make up the black boxes in our everyday lives.

Even more so, I feel inclined to open them.

I also love telling stories! Especially making people excited about things they didn't know they could feel excited about.

Nowadays, I try to share the things I do through Twitter, or more recently my writing.

But when I'm not doing either of the two, I am...

  • Studying engineering in my first year at the University of Western Ontario and skipping many classes
  • Satiating my thirst for low level technologies (started building a minimal tpu on 05/20/24)
  • And relearning how to play the piano

More recently, I've become increasingly curious about...

  • The future of computing, human-computer interfaces, and information processing
  • Non-dualistic principles and the fundamental nature of conciousness
  • And developmental psychology, particularly in early human development

Previously, I...

  • Took a gap year in 2022-2023 to FAFO
  • Built search engines for startups @ Aviato
  • Co-founded a data analytics platform for crypto wallets

Websites just don't capture the full depth of who we are.

This one is still a work in progress...

But in the meantime, maybe we should talk! :)

Say hi!

*I dare you*